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The SocialSignIn project

Delegating the authentication and security of your application to SaaS providers using Spring Social

SocialSignIn Audience

Java/Spring developers creating websites which require login functionality and which need to connect to 3rd party APIs.

SocialSignIn Aims

To remove need for local username/password combinations and local user management by delegating login to 3rd party.

To re-use as much of the existing Spring framework as possible, building on Spring Social modules.

To allow a sample applications with login/connection to chosen 3rd party providers to be created quickly and easily, using latest release versions of Spring, Spring Security and Spring Social


Spring Framework 3.1.2, Spring Security 3.1.2, Spring Social 1.0.2, Spring Social Security 1.0.2.RELEASE, SocialSignIn Providers 1.0.2-SNAPSHOT

Getting started

Checkout our SocialSignIn Showcase project, or use our SocialSignIn Maven Archetype to create your own sample application.

All non-standard dependencies are deployed to the OpenSourceAgility maven snapshot repository and the OpenSourceAgility maven release repository



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